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*note: The University Film & Video Association (UFVA) is the leading organization for Film Scholars and Professors


“Your Film Is Too Long,” Panel Title: Frameworks for Training the Next Generation of Filmmakers, 2015 UFVA Conference


“How We Teach Directing,“ Panel Title: Acting Like a Director: The Benefits of Student Directors Studying Acting, 2015 UFVA Conference


Moderator, Traditional Formulas and Shifting Contexts: From Scriptwriting to Gaming, Panel at the 2014 UFVA Conference


Moderator, Pedagogy & Collaboration: Creating Teachable Moments & New Models For Pedagogy, 2013 UFVA Conference


“Whitney Houston Saved My Life, ” Juried Script Presentation,

2014 University Film & Video Conference


“Underground,” Juried Script Presentation, 3rd Place

2013 University Film & Video Conference,


• Juried Script Respondent 2014 UFVA Conference

• Juried Script Respondent 2013 UFVA Conference

• Juried Script Respondent 2011 UFVA Conference




• 2011-present. CineStory Screenwriting Competition. International. With over 700 submissions, its winners have written such films as the internationally acclaimed “The Children Of Men,” and worldwide hit, “Iron Man.”


• 2013-2017.  Black Maria Film Festival. International. With over 500 submissions, this Festival travels to locations presenting the best short and experimental films.


• 2012/14/17 Newark Black Film Festival. International. The longest running Black Film Festival in the United States.


• 2013/14/19 Carole Felder Student Grant Award. University Film & Video Association